Evaluation of new TB diagnostics: A capacity building workshop for public sector institutions in India

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Course Slides: download course agenda [PDF]

Day 1 (8 December 2014)
Landscape, policy process, evidence, technology demonstrations

Introduction and workshop goals - S Swaminathan & M Pai [Download]

Introduction of new diagnostics in RNTCP: process and evidence required - M Ghedia [Download]

New TB diagnostics: landscape and pipeline - C Boehme [Download]

Achieving convergence between emerging treatment regimens and diagnostics - P Dewan [Download]

TB dx evaluation trials in India: experiences and lessons - N Raizada [Download]

Tech demo: TrueNAT assay - C Nair, Molbio [Download]

Tech demo: Serological rapid test - S Laal, TB Biosciences [Download]

Tech demo: Alere q assay - G Johns, Alere [Download]

Tech demo: ReaSLR CSM kit- P Kulkarni, ReaMetrix [Download]

Tech demo: Beta-lactamase assay - J Manwell, GBD Bio [Download]

Tech demo: Genedrive assay - M Walls, Epistem [Download]

Tech demo: Automated smear microscopy - S Kennedy, App Vis Sci [Download]

Tech demo: CADx for TB - M Acharyya, Adevnio [Download]

Day 2 (9 December 2014)
Architecture of an evaluation study, reference standards
Small groups: protocol development

TB diagnostics evaluation- C Boehme [Download]

Architecture of an evaluation study - C Boehme [Download]

Panel discussion:Establishing a process for new tool development, validation and policy in India

Panel discussion on reference standards

Sample size calculations- S Schumacher [Download]

Day 3 (10 December 2014)
Architecture of a demonstration study and clinical impact
Small groups: protocol development

Architecture of a demonstration study - C Boehme [Download]

Evaluation of impact in a programmatic setting - M Ghedia & R Ramachandran [Download]

Sample size calculations- S Schumacher [Download]

Day 4 (11 December 2014)
Architecture of a costing study, CEA and implementation study
Small groups: protocol development

Challenges in measuring impact- S Schumacher [Download]

Test validation in childhood TB- S Swaminathan [Download]

Cost and cost-effectiveness analyses - H Sohn [Download]

Implementation/operational research in diagnostics- S Satyanarayana [Download]

Day 5 (12 December 2014): Presentation of protocols and feedback